Becca helped me to learn to administer a bit of self compassion at a time when I was feeling very compressed and pressured with a new baby and a toddler during the lockdown and feeling like I wasn’t fulfilling my potential in many areas. As well as this I felt she had an amazing ability to really attune herself to my position and help articulate the muddle in my head and present it and lay it out and give manageable practical action to explore. It was wonderful and I looked forward to that “me time” each week so much.

Araxie (artist and mother of two)

It was suggested to me by someone close, who had come across Becca, that I might benefit from some coaching by her.  I was not someone who was naturally inclined to this kind of activity since I believed myself to be well balanced and with no major life problems – other than being a type 2 diabetic on insulin.  Slightly begrudgingly I arranged an appointment, not having a clue what we would discuss.  Over the next few months, Becca very empathetically, enabled me to uncover some deep seated issues which I didn’t even know I had.  She skilfully guided me to establishing various life protocols and enabled me to better tackle issues such as blood sugar control.  I have learned a lot about myself along this journey and feel a better person in myself for it.  Thank you Becca.


Meet Becca

Having spent several years working towards optimising my own health through dietary and lifestyle measures, I am here to help you do the same – with the support of a coach by your side to demystify and guide the process. I have a special interest in working with families, children, teachers, schools, and clients with autoimmune and other chronic conditions.

Personalised Coaching

The plan you need in order to optimise your health is going to be unique to you and your situation. The one-to-one support I can offer is fully customisable to meet your needs, whether you know exactly where you want to focus or you have no idea where to begin.

Connect With Becca

I can help you identify and implement realistic changes that will work for you in order to improve your health and well-being, and that of your loved ones. I cater for individuals, families and groups, including schools. Contact me to book a free 30 minute online or telephone consultation to explore what coaching could do for you.

You have the power to choose better health!

How can health coaching support staff well-being in schools?

How can health coaching support staff well-being in schools?

School staff have been under stress for a long time. Cut to a worldwide pandemic, and a whole new front-line for educators. There has never been a more critical time to support the well-being of those taking care of our children. Coaching can help to find realistic ways to implement choices that will support health in busy lives, tailored to the individual.