If you work in a school, odds are that you were stressed and tired, even before the world went crazy! There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make health feel like it should be more of a priority than it is. You want to get healthier, and feel better – but it all seems too hard. There’s not enough time!

This is where I put my hand up, because …

What if I told you that just a few minutes a day can be enough to make positive healthy changes with real, lasting impact?


You really do have the power to choose better health, and it doesn’t have to look like a punishing regime of agonising exercise and food deprivation. Nor do you need to find hours out of an already packed-to-the-brim life. If used wisely, a few minutes a day can be the start of something amazing. How would it feel to begin, and take it one step at a time?

I am a health coach. This means that I am an expert in behaviour change, deep listening, and unconditional support. I am not here to tell you what to do to get healthier, but to help you to work out what you really want. We can work together to build a plan to make it happen, and harness the motivation to help it stick. My approach is gentle. I will help you to keep it simple and be kind to yourself. I also worked in schools myself for almost a decade, as a TA and a teacher. I get it.

I am grateful to you all for doing what you do, especially under current extreme circumstances! I want to help you to take care of yourselves. If this kind of support sounds like it might be just what you need, I am currently offering 30 minutes of 1:1 online coaching for just £15! (A 55% discount on my standard fee.) In recognition of the extraordinary burden that frontline education workers have borne throughout the pandemic, I will keep this offer open to you well beyond the window offered to the general public (due to close in July 21). To claim this offer, for yourself or your whole staff, contact me from a school e-mail address for a code specific to your school. Any member of staff who books their initial session before the end of the 2020-21 academic year will be entitled to this reduced rate for every coaching session they choose to take until the end of 2021! 

For more information on the coaching process see here. For more on the wide range of well-being support I can offer schools see here. If you’re ready for some ideas on where you might begin right here and now, I have a menu of suggestions to get you started here. I am always happy to arrange a free 30 minute video or telephone call to discuss how coaching could work for you.

Wishing you all the best of health