UPDATE – 4/3/21 I have now completed the ADAPT course and am in the process of submitting my final exam recording and logging the necessary client hours to finalise my certification. The offer below is still available until this process is complete. As of today, this allows enough time to work with me at this price for up to three months, which is certainly sufficient to see tangible and lasting benefits if you bring the willing! 

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am currently midway through my training to become an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CHFC) – which I am enjoying to a ridiculous extent! It has been wonderful to become part of yet another incredibly supportive and inspiring coaching community, and I have learned an enormous amount already, including a fascinating wealth of information on functional health and the ancestral approach. The in-depth focus on honing coaching skills is the kind of process that feels extraordinary in its potential to impact not just my work, but every aspect of my life.

I am now at the point in the course that will involve some mentoring around work with clients. As part of this process I am offering some short online video coaching sessions at a significantly reduced rate of £15 for 30 minutes, including an initial longer session at the same price to explore exactly what it is you want to work towards. Sessions would be recorded, and some may be submitted for review to my mentors for assessment purposes. They will of course be held in strict confidentiality by both myself and my supervisors and only shared within the programme as required to finalise my certification.

Perhaps you have considered working with someone to help you to move closer to where you would like to be in terms of your health and well-being, but have been reluctant to take the plunge – or this may be the first time such a possibility has crossed your mind. Either way, this could be a great way to make a small investment in your personal growth and see how it goes. If it sounds tempting, contact me for a free 30 minute chat to explore what coaching could do for you

While I do specialise in working with those with autoimmune and other chronic diseases, and also with families, children and schools – coaching is open to anyone interested in taking steps to improving their health. You also do not need to be interested in functional medicine or ancestral health. For more detail on how the coaching process works see this article. As always in this client-led process, while knowing a little about my background may be of use to you in making your decision, it is far less important than yours since coaching is ultimately all about you.


P.S. – If the shorter sessions or the recording make this option less appealing, longer sessions at regular prices are still available. There is also a chance that some cheaper short slots may be available without recording. If either of these options are a better fit for you please do get in touch to discuss possibilities.